Saturday, November 9, 2013

Your Bijoux Box November Box

First impression: it is only the 9th of the month and my box is already here!!!

I was so excited, but extremely skeptical, for this box. It is a pricier monthly subscription (35$ a month), but the quality is extremely nice. I also got a free gift (code will be below) with my first box, which made the 35$ REALLY worth it, granted being gifted the box to review would be super nice. I don't know if I can 100% afford this box on a monthly basis, so it will be a whenever I can type of box for now. Also, I LOVE THIS PACKAGING! My one wish is that they had a rewards program.With that said here were the contents!

The Box: Your Bijoux Box
The Price: 35$/month
The Product: 2-3 hand curated jewelry each month
The Link to Subscribe:

"Elise- Thank you for joining! Enjoy the sparkles! Dorota"
How adorable is this little note? It really shows how personally each box is, they even signed my box!

The inside of the box..did I say how much I love the packaging yet? It came with a cute cloth to clean my jewels with, these super nice velvety black bags and the adorable light blue tissue. Love already before I even open the contents. Also, they have basically no spoilers, I secretly asked on twitter(follow me @comboforqueens) and they gave me one, which makes it a true surprise! 
The first item is this amber, black, and sparkly bracelet. I think it is really adorable, but I am not quite sure how to style it. Also, it is not entirely my normal style. Totally willing to take a chance with it though, or worst comes to worse I can gift it with the holidays coming.
The second item was this AMAZINGLY ADORABLE necklace. I was skeptical, until I tried it on. It hangs perfectly on my neck. It can be worn with a ton because the colors are pretty muted, which I adore. It is slightly a statement necklace, but not too in your face. I basically am in love with this piece.
Lastly, I got this gold chain necklace. This was free with the code "sparkles" at checkout. I think the coupon is still available with your first box, so definitely try it when you subscribe. I love one-colored jewelry because I can go grab it and wear it with so many things without having a screaming jewelry statement. This piece will be worn all the time. I love it so much, especially for the cold season coming up. A cute sweater, boots, and jeans? Yes, please.

So that is it for this month's box. Overall, I am pretty much in love. Let's hope I get enough money to splurge on next month's box, or receive it to review (hint, hint ;) ). I highly recommend this box!! 

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