Friday, October 11, 2013


The Box: Julep Maven
The Price: 19.99$/month
The Product: Two Nail polishes to fit your beauty style profile each month along with a full size beauty product. There are also options for two full size beauty products and no polish or three polishes and no beauty product. You take a quiz to determine your style profile...but you can still change it at any time depending on the polishes you like most for that month.

Julep Maven is a subscription service for nail products. They send you two-three nail-polishes a month. You take a quiz when you first join and they tell you what style you are. (boho, classic, etc). I myself and Boho Glam. I was doubtful that this was the right profile, but the two months I have gotten so far have actually been completely accurate. OH WAIT, the best part, if the polishes for that month are not to your liking, you can choose a different profile's box to receive. The quiz profile you receive is just for default. The box is twenty dollars a month. Unless you receive the "It Girl" or "Modern Beauty" box, each month there is one beauty product(eyeliner, foot cream, etc.) and two nail polishes. The "It Girl" box has no beauty products and three nail polishes and "Modern Beauty" box has two beauty products and no nail polishes. Anyways, the polishes are brand new each month. Innovative, and just great nail polish. For 20$ a month, I think it is worth it. Sure, it can get a little pricey. Just skip months when you have is allowed. They ask you every month! I LOVE this service.
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