Sunday, October 20, 2013

JewelMint Pyramid Necklace

This is not necessarily a beauty review or a subscription box is a mix of both. I am desperate to find new jewelry, my collection is weak. Since I have a love for subscription boxes, I thought I would try and find a jewelry one. After purchasing this necklace, I found much better boxes I should have ordered for the same price. JewelMint is a website where they charge you 29.99$ a month and give you a JewelMint credit, which allows you to pick out one item on their website for the month. Sure, it is a monthly thing, but it is not really a box, a surprise, or more than one item! Right away before even receiving the product, I probably will not do this again. Some items are cute, but there is no fun in it! And shopping should be fun, always! Plus, I am not too wealthy so the more I can get for 30$ the better! Right now, I am looking at either Mynt Box or Your Bijoux Box. Comment which you think I should get. Anyways, so once I received my item, I was pretty happy.
Sorry for the bad quality photo guys.
It is on a gold chain with three pyramids. The center pyramid has tiny rhinestones on two sides. I think this is a really pretty, but simple statement piece, if that makes any sense. It is not too in your face, but it still makes a statement. I am a little worried the pyramids will twist and tangle and flip over while I wear it, but it is still super pretty. I will probably style it with a white v-neck, dark jeans, and some nice boots!


  1. You should totally check out The quality of jewely is much higher than the boxes you mentioned. Trust me i've tried them all! Jewelbits is awesome.

    1. I will definitely do that! Let me know if you here any coupon codes or deals for that sight! And follow me on twitter @comboforqueens :)