Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October Ipsy: The Art of Beauty

The Box: Ipsy
The Price: 10$/month
The Product: A cute makeup bag each month filled with 5 full or deluxe sized beauty, skin care, or hair products personalized to you from a quiz at the beginning of subscribing
The Link to Subscribe: http://www.ipsy.com/?refer=u-hku5w77szz9w1ryh

My October Ipsy came!!!!!!!
 Here is the cute little pink package it comes in! (Ignore my messy room yikes!)
This month was an absolute love for me! I got the package and it already felt super bulky before I even opened it. Here were the five AMAZING items I received.
The theme this month was "Art of Beauty"

First Item: Coastal Scents- Medium Shadow Brush (FULL SIZE..well obviously its a brush) 
worth $2.49
I have not used this brush yet. However, just by looking and feeling it, it is a really good quality brush and I am excited to use it (probably tomorrow)! I love getting new brushes so this was great for me.

Second Item: StyleSexyHair- Spray Clay 1.4 Oz bottle 
worth $6.99
I have super frizzy and curl fighting hair. It wants to curl but just looks messy instead. I need constant products to tame and keep the shape of my hair. This product seems like it could really help my hair and I am super excited to try it!

Third Item: LA Fresh Oil-Free Face Cleanser 10 Wipes
Full Size (30 Wipes) worth 10$ .... Samples Size (10 Wipes) what I received worth $3.99
I just ran out of makeup wipes so these will be fun to try. Not the most exciting item but not bad my any means...just not my favorite.

Fourth Item: bella terra Mineral Cosmetics- Mineral Shimmer in Navy (FULL SIZE)
worth $14.99
This item alone pays for the box itself! I researched this and it is kind of an all in one! It seems like just an eyeshadow but you can add clear polish to make it a polish or you can add a little water to make it a liner or add a creme to make it a creme shadow etc! I am so excited to experiment with this! Comment if I should do a post on this product alone!

Fifth Item: Zoya Nail Polish- Mason (FULL SIZE)
worth $8.00
I love nail polish so getting a full size is always fun. I have never tried this brand but I have only heard great things about it! I saw in my glam room that the other two colors (a super pretty metallic emerald and a navy) were ADORABLE! This was my last choice in color so I am a little disappointed. However, it is still a cute polish I will use! 

Overall, I LOVE this box! It was worth about $37.00 and I only payed ten! How awesome is that!! So excited for future bags! 

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  1. You got the exact same ipsy bag I did :) I'd be interested in seeing a more in depth test of the mineral shimmer - it's such a cool product. Nice post!

    1. Thanks! Let everyone know about the blog if you like it :)! and follow me on twitter and instagram!